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Wondering where to start
with Lou's Books?

Hex Next Door Kindle 2.png

The Hex Next Door


Fresh Kill


The Prince of Starlight

Villainous Cover copy.jpg


Clockwork Quest Cover copy.jpg

The Unicorn and the
Clockwork Quest

Kindle Cover Ash & Blood.png

The Curse of
Ash & Blood

Sea monster Book cover  copy.png

Tales of a Sea Monster

Ghost of Hexes Past Kindle copy.png

The Ghost of Hexes Past

L&W Kindle.png

Of Loyalties & Wreckage

Prince to Daybreak Cover.jpg

The Prince of Daybreak

Heroics Cover copy 2.jpg


Clockwork Library Cover.png

The Rose in the
Clockwork Library

Kindle F&F cover.png

The Curse of
Flour & Feeling

Medusa Kindle Cover.jpg

The Medusa Project

home is where the hex is kindle.png

Home is Where the Hex is

L&R Kindle.png

Of Love & Ruin

Crown of Night Cover.jpg

The Crown of Night

Ben & Mercy Kindle.png

Benvolio & Mercutio Turn Back Time

Clockwork circus Cover.png

The Marionette in the
Clockwork Circus

Sea Witch Book 1 Kindle Cover copy.png

Tales of the Sea Witch

Overkill Kindle.jpg


H&B Kindle.jpg

Of Hope & Blight

Sub Logo-8.png

The Kings of
Dusk & Dawn

Clockwork Tower Cover.png

The Girl in the
Clockwork Tower

Black Cat Kindle Cover.jpg

The Curse of
The Black Cat

Sea Witch Book cover copy.png

Tales of the Littlest Mermaid

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