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A war on the horizon.

A love in peril.

Crown of Night Cover.jpg


Crown of Night Cover.jpg


The Crown of Night

The Heir to Moondust #3

Published: June 21, 2023

A frolicking LGBTQ+ fantasy novel steeped in action, wit, and all of the corniness. Perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Neil Gaiman's Stardust, and William Goldman's The Princess Bride.

A war on the horizon. A love in peril..


It has been five years since Takayoshi and Cricket last saw each other. Now, Takayoshi returns to Lunette to find a civil war on the horizon, and the man he loves in danger of losing himself to the magic running through his veins.


Cricket has spent the last five years learning how to be the ruler Lunette needs. With his father now gone, he'll soon be crowned king. One thing is certain, he doesn't feel ready.


Lunette is unsettled. Old grudges are coming to bear. And our heroes must decide to face them together, or alone.

Caution: Content warnings may contain spoilers

Praise for The Heir to Moondust

"All in all, this was a fun, feel good read with a hefty dose of imagination and color. All things that I’ve come to expect from this author, and it’s delivered here in fullest force." 

- Justin Arnold, Author of Wicked Little Things

"A must read for fans of C-Drama! Great characters and an interesting world." 

- Elle Beaumont, Author of The Castle of Thorns

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