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Reading Order


The Hex Next Door

Rus returns to Moondale after 11ish years abroad to find that some things are exactly like she left them while others have changed completely.

Fall '22

Moondale, MD


The Ghost of Hexes Past

Rus and Az petition the Board of Magic to start their own coven in Moondale.

Winter '22

Moondale, MD



Eric discovers local vampires for the first time every in Ironport. Tony and Lu McMahon move to Ironport

Winter '23

Ironport, MD


Fresh Kill

Things have gotten a little too quiet in Ironport, and it doesn't sit right with Eric.

Spring '23

Ironport, MD


Home is Where the Hex is

Rus and Az need two additional members to make their coven legitimate, and there's something big brewing with the Moondale centennial.

Summer '23

Moondale, MD

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