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Staked through the heart and

you're to blame.



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Fresh Kill

Hunters of Ironport #2

Published: April 17, 2024

Overkill is a mm paranormal romance perfect for fans of Buffy.

Staked through the heart and you're to blame.


Still overworked-a little less underappreciated-Eric Marcelino stumbles through an Ironport he doesn't recognize. The city has gone eerily quiet. There hasn't been a vampire attack in weeks and Eric is starting to wonder what the vampires are planning.


Tony McMahon's boyfriend is perfect. Kind. Caring. Hot. Except his sister hates him, and well . . . he might be a vampire. But that's okay, because Tony has a plan. Sort of.


Change is good, or that's what Hunter Delacroix has always heard anyway. So then why does moving into the dorms on Moondale University campus feel like a surrender? And why does every glance from Eric feel like a betrayal?


Ironport is quiet, but maybe it's just the calm before the storm. With broken hearts, grief, and a little existential dread hanging over all of their heads Eric's team might find themselves six feet under instead of the vampires. This is gonna suck.

Caution: Content warnings may contain spoilers

Praise for Hunters of Ironport

"I finished reading in three sittings and was almost late for work one day because I couldn’t tear myself away. It gave all the feels of watching Buffy for the first time, but now with characters like me!" 

- V.S. Holmes, Author of Blood of Titans

"Overkill has everything from vampire hunting to mystery, romance, twists and turns, and pristine descriptions. There are even some pop culture references sure to give the reader a chuckle or a smile." 

- Cynthia Brubaker, Author of Gomada Academy

“Buffy who? Eric and Tony are the vampire hunters you want to be reading about! Wilham has a way with words that completely immerses you in a fictional world. The characters are so relatable, diverse, and real, that it makes it so easy to fall into the storyline.”

- Whitney L. Spradling, Author of These Dangerous Fates

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