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Sometimes it’s not your own past that comes back to haunt you.

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Home Is Where The Hex Is

Witches of Moondale book #3

Publishes: October 9, 2024

A LGBTQ+ cozy urban fantasy novel for fans of The Ex Hex, and October Daye.

Sometimes it’s not your own past that comes back to haunt you.


Icarus “Rus” Ashthorne has been covenless her entire life, but after returning to Moondale she’s forced to face the fact that maybe starting her own coven is the best way to protect her family. Shame the Board of Magic isn’t going to make that easy on them. The task? Find two new coven members by the Centennial or lose their potential foothold in Moondale. Easy, right?

Azure Elwood has always known her family’s Moondale roots run deep, but with the Centennial on its way, she learns maybe there is a little more to the Elwood connection to Moondale than she originally thought. Her plate is full with Centennial plans, classes, rekindling her relationship with Rus, and of course finding them two more witches to join their coven, there isn’t time for anything else. Not that fate has ever really cared.

With new dreams taking shape, new connections being made, and a prophecy hanging over their heads, Rus and Az have no choice but to lean on each other and their friends to unearth the secrets Moondale thought long buried, and solve the mystery of who is trying to turn the Board of Magic against them.

Caution: Content warnings may contain spoilers

Praise for Witches of Moondale

"Once again, Wilham brings together a collection of unique characters who create a beautiful landscape of representation and individuality. The Hex Next Door is a lovely picture of family being more than just blood, and reminds us that those who truly love us, will always find a way to be there for us. "
- Christis Christie, Author of 

"If The Ex-Hex and Practical Magic had a sapphic baby, it would be The Hex Next Door. A wickedly charming second chance HFN romance wrapped in a snarky, Cozy Witch package."
- Justin Arnold, Author of 
Wicked Little Things

"The Hex Next Door is a great fit if you enjoy witchy vibes, found families, or stories centered mainly around queer characters."

- Nancy O'Toole, Author of The Mirror Guardian

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