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Sometimes, love finds you anyway.

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Of Hope & Blight

Sanctuary of the Lost #2

Published: Oct 4, 2023

Of Hope & Blight is the second book in a LGBTQ+ urban fantasy novel for fans of Hailey Turner's Soulbound series, and Ashley Shuttleworth's Hollow Star Saga.

Sometimes, love finds you anyway.


Burned by her first love, Mab has spent the last several years content with her brother, their club, and her Miami beach front property. The last thing she wants, or needs, is for the arrow cast by Erotes—god of love—to rear its ugly head. But trouble disrupts Mab’s hard-earned peace in the form of a dead inanimi washed up on her private beach. Not wanting to disturb Ander and his newfound bliss, Mab calls the only person she can think of—Quintus Schields.

Life for Quin used to be simple. Second in command to his brother Maximus, Quin has always been a hardworking and dedicated creature of few words. He wants nothing to do with the owners of Inferno or their drama. Especially with his new responsibilities as caregiver to an ignis youngling. So, when Mab Duchan asks for help, he has to decide if he wants to keep his world as is, or accept there might be more to life than he expected. 

As Miami’s criminal underground returns to sink its claws into them, Fate forces the four to face old demons, and question just what they’re willing to do for happiness.

Caution: Content warnings may contain spoilers

Praise for Sanctuary of the Lost

"Gritty and compelling." 

- Elle Beaumont, Author of The Castle of Thorns

" If you loved Legends and Lattes or are looking for a darker, queer, adult version of Percy Jackson's found family vibes, this book is a must read." 

- GoodReads Review

“This book was so unexpected. I never thought it would be as intriguing and facinating and all encompassing. The characters are so rich and defined the world building was absolutely wonderful.”

- GoodReads Review

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